jewelry repair in Memphis TN

Your quartz or mechanical watch is a precision timepiece that will serve you well for years to come as long as you care for it properly. That means regular servicing for repair and maintenance so that all of the components of your watch continue to operate correctly and efficiently. For more than 30 years, residents of Memphis TN have trusted the watch experts at Doron Diamond Merchant for all their watch needs.

Designer Brand Watch Repair

Unlike many other jewelry and watch repair shops, Doron Diamond Merchant actually has a Rolex certified watch technician on staff, which means you can trust the store with even the most valuable watches. But whether you own a Rolex or a less expensive watch, your timepiece will be treated with care, and you will receive the respect and attention you deserve. This shop is family owned and operated, so you know they put a premium on pleasing their customers in every service they perform.

Visit Us For Watch Repairs

In addition to watch repair, battery replacement and watch band resizing and replacement, you can also enjoy the benefits of a quartz or mechanical watch full service package. Watch experts will disassemble the watch movement of your mechanical watch and clean thoroughly every part. Any damaged or worn-out parts will be replaced, and the entire movement will be lubricated for optimum performance. If you choose the quartz watch service, the watch will be completely inspected and cleaned, and the gaskets and battery will be replaced if necessary. In either package, your watch will then be reassembled and sealed properly to protect it from environmental damage. You do not want to trust just anyone with your watch, and Doron Diamond Merchant will give you quality and affordable watch repair service. Visit their Memphis TN store today or contact them online or via telephone in order to learn more about what they can offer you.