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A pearl is a precious gem that can come from both fresh and saltwater sources. Pearls form when a parasite or bit of external debris gets into the shell of the oyster or clam. The creature’s natural defense mechanism creates a fluid that covers the foreign body, slowly surrounding it and forming the spherical shape. When fully formed, pearls are very hard and lustrous. It’s the rare circumstances that lead to their creation that help make them so special.

Pearl Stringing Services: Restore a Favorite Necklace or Bracelet

Since pearls are so cherished in our culture, it can be devastating when a beloved pearl necklace breaks. You obviously can’t toss the precious pearls, which have monetary and sentimental value. However, without a proper string, you won’t be able to wear them, and they might end up gathering dust in a drawer somewhere. To prevent this, Doron Diamond Direct offers pearl stringing services.

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If you have a set of pearls you love, don’t wait until they break to get them restrung. If the string has never been replaced, and you wear the pearls regularly, chances are that they will break sooner rather than later. If you wait, the string could break while you’re out in public, which might result in the loss of some of the pearls. If you get a new string in advance, you won’t have to worry.
Here at Doron Diamond Direct, we offer silk and nylon strings for pearls. Silk has been used for centuries and offers a certain luxurious appeal. However, it has been discovered that nylon is an even stronger material for pearls due to its ability to withstand moisture and personal products.
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