What Diamond Shape & Engagement Ring is Right for YOU?

What Diamond Shape & Engagement Ring is Right for YOU?

There are so many choices when choosing an engagement ring. How do you choose? Doron Diamond Direct in Memphis, TN. has the best section of diamonds and engagement ring settings available. We hand select diamonds and bring them in directly from Israel to ensure you are getting the very best stones at the best prices. There is no other way to ensure our customers are getting the most beautiful stones within each diamond grade. Each couple is unique and every engagement ring is a special purchase. Here are a few of our favorite Diamond shapes to consider.

A Princess Diamond for the Princess!

Princess cut diamonds are very popular and for good reasons. A princess cut diamond has exquisite sparkle and depth. The amazing 3.03ct princess cut diamond below is surrounded by nearly 2ct total weight in baguette and round brilliant diamonds. Set in white gold in a custom setting, this ring sparkles and shines from every angle. This is truly a one of kind engagement ring designed for a princess!

3.03 Princess cut diamond ring

3.03 Princess Cut diamond ring

A Pear Shaped Diamond: Modern and Amazing

The asymmetry of a pear shaped diamond immediately creates an engagement ring that is unique and memorable. Pear shaped diamonds have the added benefit of making the fingers appear more slender and delicate. The ring setting below includes three hearts on either side crafted from white gold and round brilliant diamonds. This engagement ring is unique and memorable and perfect for a woman who is both modern and romantic.

Pear shaped diamond ring

Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

The Marquise Shaped Diamond: Regal and Wonderful

The Marquise shape was made popular at the French court in the 16th century, and this is where the shape gets its name. The elegant elongated shape of a Marquise shaped diamond makes a statement. Set within a delicate weave of diamonds and white gold, the Marquise engagement ring below is an excellent ring for a sophisticated and fashionable woman.

Marquise shaped diamond ring

14kt White Gold Marquise Diamond Ring